For a long time I thought I was extremely well-versed when it came to travel. But recently I realized that there are still so many exciting things I have no idea about. So I decided to pay our Cityclass Hotels team a visit to talk to them about all the tips and tricks about travel and Cologne. 

Mathias’ first statement caught by surprise. “I was already working here when the dinosaurs still ruled the earth,” he jokes at the beginning. He emphasizes how important the CityClass Hotels are to him. He began his career when Ms. Marquigny, the matriarch of CityClass Hotels, was still in charge: “Both as a trainee and in my personal development, she always supported me.” Now her son runs the hotels and Mathias’ heart still burns for the Brand.

He is now Sales and Revenue Manager. Day in, day out, he keeps an eye on our room rates, travel agent offers, and more. “We’re a family here! Most of us are also locals and know how contagious the Cologne feeling can be.” In between, he tells me: “It’s worth booking rooms directly through our site, because travel agencies are often not able to keep up in terms of price.”

The future is now (and it’s digital)

When I mention how CityClass is contributing to changes in the way guests engage with their brand, he grins and refers to the word “innovation”:

 “The hotel industry still relies too much on well-known systems. No change has taken place for a long time. We would like to handle this differently.” At the end, he gives me an outlook on exciting innovations: “From next month, CityClass will also be available on WhatsApp. This not only improves contact with the customer, but also enables clear booking with the help of an app that most people already use.” CityClass is also drawing attention to itself internationally: “We place digital advertising internationally and offer people “click-to-call” options with local hotlines. This makes booking more customer-friendly, especially for those who are too far away to pay the cost of international calls.”

As a guest of numerous hotels around the world, the changes sound like an exciting step into the future. It has recognized the importance of travelers’ convenience, from booking to stay. Sometimes I wish I could rediscover Cologne for the first time with CityClass.

If you would like to find out more about upcoming changes, please click the link or contact us via our live chat box to speak with our team in real time.