Carnival is now behind us, so we need a new date to look forward to. How about November 19, because that’s when the Fantasyland the winter dream. Never heard? Then pay close attention, because unlike Game of Thrones, it brings wonderful experiences.
Everyone who does that Phantasialand , it should be said that it is one of the most famous amusement parks in Germany. In different themed worlds, young and old experience attractions whose thrill varies between fun for the little ones and shaky knees for intrepid roller coaster fans.
In addition to the Taron roller coaster, which is no longer so new, I recommend the Chiapas water coaster. My absolute favorite attraction and absolutely suitable for people who are rather squeamish when it comes to driving fun… ask my friends. By the way, the music is an enormous catchy tune, puts you in a good mood and will haunt you for some time after your visit.

The Perfect Holiday Season

Who That Phantasialand can only visit in winter can be happy. Unlike other amusement parks, it is also open during the cold season.
I’ve always wondered how Santa Claus and Co. live – the decorations, including colorful lights, which the park stages in a complex way, come very close to my imagination.
But on a different note, have you always wanted to know what it’s like to race through the Black Mamba’s canyons in the dark or how limited field of vision affects Talocan’s whiplash? Then I have good news, because all this will be with the Winter dream possible. Opening hours until 8:00 p.m. guarantee fun and entertainment long after the sun has set.
But what exactly is there now? winter dream? Above all, the huge light installations that sparkle fantastically and are designed to match the individual theme worlds. I love to let myself drift in the sea of ​​lights of wintry decorations at Christmas markets. They also? Then an excursion is just the right thing.
Your emotions will not be neglected either, because the stories of the winter shows will touch you and take you into a wintry fairytale world. In between you can enjoy steaming mulled wine or tarte flambée… the food also fits the theme here.

Especially if you have never visited the amusement park before and are a fan of Christmas films, it is worth planning a day for the visit. You can reach this from our hotels Phantasialand even by train. After a short walk to the main train station, simply hop on the KVB line 18 to Brühl-Mitte. From there, a shuttle bus will take you to the entrance for just €3 (children under 1m ride for free).

All signs point to a perfect visit. So if you should start your trip to the Phantasialand and just need a hotel, then please click on “Learn more”. In addition, our team is always available by phone and email if you have any questions.