I have stood countless times in supermarkets in front of bakery counters or vegetable stands and asked myself what will happen to all the unsold food. For a long time I didn’t know the answer. Sellers went around the topic in circles or said they were not allowed to give me any information. Do you know what happens to that? I now know that a large part of the food is simply thrown away. While in some places there is a desperate struggle for donations for the Tafel and other charitable organizations, 1.6 billion tons of food end up in the garbage every year. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Of course, you and I can already do something about it at home by freezing leftover food or using it the next day. But it is up to big companies to put an end to this excessive waste.
We don’t need to be told twice because, as you know, we at CityClass Hotels are always striving for innovation and improvement.

An all-round success

In order to fight food waste, our Hotel Residence am Dom is already working with Too Good To Go . Do you know the initiative? The name didn’t mean anything to me at first. I’m even more excited about that now. Lynchpin of Too Good To Go is an app that you can easily download to your phone. A company can use this to label leftover food. App users then have the opportunity to buy a bag of randomly selected groceries at a reduced price. We thought the idea was so great that we had to take part.
If you are interested in the topic, watch here and here two short, informative videosTogether with its 175,706 partners, the company has already saved over 176,508,071 meals. Incredible, is not it? Incidentally, the benefits of saving food are numerous. Perfect food is saved from being disposed of, the reduced prices make it available to many people and, incidentally, you also save a considerable amount of CO₂. Did you know that processing in a landfill emits an enormous amount of greenhouse gases? So food rescue is an all-round success.

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