Sometimes I sit by the Aachener Weiher and close my eyes for a moment. I take a deep breath and smell the fall… hear the wind blowing through the treetops. I have the feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, until suddenly a loud horn honks out of the dense greenery. I had forgotten the road behind me that goes towards the university.
I love the colourful, noisy life in Cologne, but every now and then I just want to lose myself in a spot of greenery. Do you know that too? The urge to just stop and think. Of course I can always escape to the parks and landscaped areas of the inner and outer green belt. They’re definitely a welcome change. But what if I had something even better for you?

In the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm

The 2519-hectare Königsforst has been a popular excursion destination since the 19th century. Have you heard the name before? Maybe in connection with the Wahnerheide, because together the forest and heath form one of the largest nature reserves in Germany and invite you to leave the city behind. I can tell you, nature is really gorgeous… could come straight out of a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.
How you explore the forest area is up to you. Whether you are organizing a hike with the family, have always wanted to go jogging in the middle of German forests or are planning a bike tour… the forest is also the perfect playground for your four-legged friend. Your faithful companion is a welcome guest in our hotels, but he might also want to get out of the city and romp around in the meadows of the forest area.

Do you need a car to get out of town? no way. Simply take the number 9 tram, which leaves very close to our hotels, and get off at the Königsforst terminus. From there you can easily set off to get to know the different biotopes, which are particularly beautiful to look at in summer and autumn. From orchards to river landscapes to dense forests and moors: Here you can discover the broad spectrum of German nature and of course it wouldn’t be a nature reserve if you couldn’t also discover lots of rare plant and animal species.

The top 3 excursion destinations in Königsforst

The moss-covered slopes and the light falling through the treetops are really fantastic and worth seeing in and of themselves. But before I lose myself further in literary descriptions, I would like to introduce you to a few striking points in the Königsforst that you should definitely visit.

GAME RESERVE BRÜCK: Do you actually know our animal world? Children know that there are tigers in India, gorillas in the Congo and pandas in China, but the inhabitants of German forests are not so famous. Since 1967, the 15-hectare game reserve in Brück has ensured that young and old can get to know around 50 animals, such as red deer and wild boar, up close. Feeding is also allowed, as long as you use the feed from the machines.

MONTE TROODELÖH: Do you like to feel a little incline under the soles of your feet? Then on to Monte Troodelöh, the highest mountain (118.04 m above sea level) in the Cologne part of the Königsforst. The ascent to the marked summit does not take long, but it is quite steep. So pack comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. And to all proud cyclists: Pushing is no shame!

KAISEREICHE: If you follow the route of the former Sülzbahn, which is now a hiking trail, you will find an imposing oak near the Forstbach train station. This was planted in 1908 by Kaiser Wilhelm II in honor of his grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm I. Unfortunately, the tree did not survive the First World War, but the current specimen grew from its fruit a short time later.

Fancy a picnic? You’re sure to get hungry and thirsty as you journey through the King’s Forest. So pack your provisions for a cozy picnic at one of the many benches, tables and little huts that are distributed in the Königsforst. Or stop off at one of the nearby breweries or restaurants after a long hike. If you want to book a room now to travel to the Königsforst or would like to get to know other destinations in and around Cologne, then click on “Learn more”. If you have any questions, our team is always available by phone or email.