I have to grin every time I walk through a new development area. Nowadays, the main task of architects seems to be to combine as many square shapes as possible in the smallest possible area… but only with black window frames, please. How good that we still have our Cologne Cathedral there, don’t you think? It’s a whopping 157m high and it still makes me dizzy on my 50th attempt to look at the top from the ground. But that’s not all. The ornaments, curvatures and shapes are so incredibly filigree and detailed that you discover something new with every visit. This should not only amaze those interested in architecture. A true marvel.
This monument is rightly the symbol of our city. As soon as you arrive in Cologne for the first time, you will find that the cathedral is everywhere. It appears in company logos, as souvenirs, on products… even in the names of our hotels.
In order to get to know Cologne, there is no way around the cathedral and you will not regret your visit. If you travel to us by train, you will find the cathedral shortly after your arrival. Simply leave the main train station in the direction of Schildergasse and the gigantic building towers up in front of you. What a holiday start, isn’t it? But all other guests can also reach the cathedral in no time at all, which is only a few minutes’ walk from your hotel.

The best experiences in and around the Duomo

The Duomo is a Roman Catholic church whose construction began in 1248 but was only completed in 1880. As the largest cathedral in the Gothic style and described by many experts as “perfect”, it has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. No wonder that, in addition to a large number of tourists, a large number of religious pilgrims also visit the building. Whether you’re religious or not, the sight inside and out is amazing… it’s not often that you see a monument like this.
Try fixing the tip. I’m curious to see if you have more success with the dizziness. But of course you also have other options than being enchanted by the height of the cathedral.
Several services are held every day. You can find the dates here. Every first Sunday of the month there is even a service in Latin so that international visitors can also take part in the prayer.

YOU ARE NOT RELIGIOUS OR YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN CHURCH SERVICES? No problem! Perhaps one of the regular tours that you here. Whether you want to visit the interior of the cathedral, the treasury or the roof of the cathedral… the selection of guided tours is really large and also offers special offers for children as well as the blind and visually impaired

IS MUSIC TOTALLY YOUR THING? All year round you have the opportunity to attend concerts. Once the choir concert from September to June or the organ celebration hours from June to September. Both very impressive… especially the organ, which is in no way inferior to the cathedral in terms of imposing. I can only recommend it to you. Despite my love for hard electronic sounds, I was hugely touched by the backdrop and I guess I needn’t even get started on the acoustics.

FANCY A LITTLE MARCH? If you prefer to visit the cathedral without a guided tour and outside of official events, you can of course do the same. For example, hike up one of the towers to the viewing platform. The view is unbeatable. Quick Tip: Wearing flip flops or heels might test your patience and the soles of your feet. So remember to wear sturdy shoes when you climb the 533 steps.

CLIMBING STAIRS NOT YOUR THING? never mind There are enough exciting details to discover inside the cathedral. If you wish, you can also light a candle or say a prayer.
Whatever you decide, the cathedral is the landmark of our city and in the heart of every Cologne resident. If you don’t visit it, you’ve done something wrong.

Incidentally, the best way to discover the cathedral is with the CityClass Hotels. Like many other things worth seeing, it is very close to us. What could be better than being impressed by Cologne’s landmark after our great breakfast buffet?
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