There are two constants in the life of a Cologne resident: traffic jams during rush hour and the start of the carnival season on November 11th. Then the favorite time of the people of Cologne begins and the whole city is upside down. Have you already booked your room to celebrate with us? If not, you should hurry or you’ll miss the most important day of November. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, I have put together everything you need to know about the start of the carnival.

Carnival on November 11th – What? When? Where? As?

WHAT? – Most of you probably know Carnival from the weeks of celebration in February, with the fifth season starting on November 11th the previous year. Why? I didn’t know that myself for years. I was just happy to celebrate one more day of carnival. But it turns out that the Prussians found it useful to celebrate not only Lent before Easter, but also that before January 6th. I’m not complaining.

WHEN? – On the morning of November 11th, the royal couple and carnival parties gather just a stone’s throw from our hotels at Alter Markt and Heumarkt. The rest of Cologne is already on the road at this time, but mostly not for work. In fact, 11.11. so important to us that most of us take time off. So instead of going to work, we’re on the way to friends and family. For a champagne breakfast, to dress up together or to enjoy a Kölsch with your loved ones for the countdown.
Do you also fancy a champagne breakfast? No problem! At carnival you can enjoy our extensive breakfast buffet like every day and simply order a sparkling wine. You are already starting the most important day in November as it should be. Whether you are in Cologne to party or are visiting the area for other reasons… on 11.11. Carnival begins at 11:11 a.m.with your loved ones until late at nightdrink, dance, celebrate and laugh love, life and lust, as the Höhner tell us every year anew.

WHERE? – Where you on 11.11. should celebrate carnival? The question sounds more like a luxury problem than a legitimate concern. It’s literally celebrated everywhere. If you don’t want to be out and about in the city much to get lost in the festivities, I recommend the epicenter of Cologne’s carnival: the the stage at Heumarkt. It is within walking distance from the front doors of our hotels. If you’ve always wanted to see the big name bands and singers that give the carnival its rhythm, this is the place for you.
is a little younger ZĂĽlpicher Platz . The bars and pubs are ideal if, like me, you need a break from the carnival music. The party mile has become so popular that the area from the Ringen to the SĂĽdbahnhof has been cordoned off and declared an official party zone.
But every other Veedel, as we call our districts, also offers bars and pubs where you can experience a less hectic and more intimate carnival than at ZĂĽlpicher Platz or Heumarkt. Above all the SĂĽdstadt, Ehrenfeld and Lindenthal. Here you often stand back to back with strangers, sway together, dance and have a good time. This is how strangers often become friends for a day. The best thing to do is simply drop by the neighborhoods and spontaneously decide what you fancy.

AS? – There is no recipe for how best to spend 11/11. However, my suggestion to newcomers would be to see the the stage at Heumarkt to get a feel for the traditional carnival. The vibe is really contagious and you’ll find out whether you want to stay there or check out the smaller pubs in town.
Did you actually know that we also organize a carnival party in our podium cellar ? They are well-known and popular… many people have been coming for years. Our event manager Lena organizes a fabulous DJ every year and so we sway into the carnival season together with our guests. The party is therefore perfect for getting to know the faces of the CityClass hotels better.

As you can see, you are spoiled for choice as to where to celebrate Carnival. Here’s another tip we’ve all disregarded at some point… to our own detriment: Kölsch will flow en masse all day long, so stop yourself. I know the little Kölsch glasses are tempting, but there’s nothing worse than fainting by midday and missing the rest of the day. Instead, drink with relish and don’t forget to have fun! Whether you’re sober or not, a good mood comes first. If you want to go to bed early, that’s no problem either. After all, your room with us is right in the center and is not far from any celebration. Ideal conditions for celebrations.

Now you are well advised for your November 11th in Cologne. what are you waiting for? You can find the right room in one of our hotels under “Book now”. Carnival is great in itself, but make it unforgettable with one of our rooms, which are within walking distance of all the hotspots.