Hard to believe, but the Christmas season has begun. I am happy that everything is becoming a little slower, quieter and more contemplative. Admittedly, the Schildergasse quickly turns into a busy beehive in December. But as soon as the wintry darkness settles over the city and the Christmas lights begin to shine, even this stress is forgotten.
Incidentally, you can particularly enjoy the anticipation of Christmas at the many Christmas markets throughout the city. Just follow the smell of mulled wine and roasted almonds in any direction to find them. It won’t be long before you find yourself in the middle of a square full of small wooden stalls decorated for Christmas. Vendors sell Christmas decorations, handicrafts and all kinds of food such as mushroom pans, flamed salmon or potato pancakes.
Incidentally, the favorite drink at Christmas markets is mulled wine. A red or white wine heated with spices such as cinnamon, cloves and star anise. Fancy something stronger? Then simply order your mulled wine with a shot. Either way, you often spend more time at the drinks stand than planned. One cup becomes two, then three, four, five. But that doesn’t matter at all, after all, Christmas markets in December are one of the city’s absolute highlights. So that you are not overwhelmed with the large selection of markets, I am presenting my favorites to you today.

Heinzels WintermÀrchen

The Christmas market “Heinzels WintermĂ€rchen” in Cologne’s old town is one of the most popular in the city. The location is particularly ideal for guests of our hotels, after all the market is right on the doorstep of our cafĂ© lounge and our Hotel Residence am Dom. Caprice and Europa are also only a stone’s throw away. So when you head home after a few cups of mulled wine and with a full stomach, you won’t have far to go to your warm, cozy bed.
As is typical at Christmas markets, small stalls full of handicrafts are lined up with stalls with delicious food. At Alter Markt you can also take a seat on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the spectacle from above. The optical highlight of the Christmas market is clearly the ice rink with a curling field, which fits perfectly into the ambience next to an old-fashioned carousel. Since the rush is often very large, you should book your tickets online in advance this link . The railway is also used again and again for events to which you here more information

Christmas markets for every

Taste Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral is one of my favorites. At the foot of our landmark it smells of mulled wine and candied apples, and delicious food is offered on every corner. I write “much too delicious” because I can hardly contain myself with the whole selection.
A visual highlight is the huge Christmas tree, which towers over the music stage in the center of the market and from which a roof of fairy lights extends over the spectators and adjacent stalls. If you haven’t felt like Christmas yet, you can’t help but fall into a festive mood after a visit to the cathedral.

You will find a different kind of Christmas market right on the Rhine Harbor Christmas market with its 48 m high Ferris wheel directly at the chocolate museum. The produce and delicacies you taste here are of a slightly higher quality than elsewhere, and are sold by local designers and retailers from around the world. As the name suggests, the ambience is based on seafaring. In addition to the typical Christmas carols, the market inspires with a thematically appropriate entertainment program.

Even if the “Heavenue” is canceled this year, the Christmas market is worth mentioning. After all, you will have the opportunity to be part of the spectacle again in the years to come. The gay Christmas market attracts with colorful huts in pop art style and an incomparable party atmosphere that differs from the classic Christmas market. Garlands, confetti and people in angel costumes are glittering everywhere. In addition, famous DJs as well as Cologne artists and singers ensure an extraordinary entertainment program. But of course the “Heavenue” wouldn’t be a Christmas market if families, friends and acquaintances couldn’t get together at a good time over a cup of mulled wine.

Anyone traveling to Cologne in December will be spoiled for choice. Christmas markets enchant with their festive atmosphere on every corner. How about a tour of different Christmas markets?
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