I was out and about on Hohe Straße, Cologne, this afternoon. That always seemed like a big adventure to me, as a little boy: the big crowds from all over the world, the smell of food in the air…  But what is really exciting to me nowadays, isn’t exactly the “get stuck in a big crowd” part of it all. Yet, thousands of people turn up daily and shop, eat & look for entertainment every day.  That made me think about my little chat yesterday with Lena Finger, the current events manager at CityClass Hotels: there are so many visitors in the city and out of that big crowd I talked about earlier, what part of that is finding real value (good discounts, quality food  and entertainment) while roaming the city. Because of that, what she does at CityClass Hotels seemed more important to me than ever.

An European professional round trip that paid off

Lena Finger has been with CityClass Hotels since 2019: “After my training, which I completed here in 2012, I went on to get some international experience at the Hotel Silvretta in Ischgl – you know? The skiing resort”.  Her daily tasks for CityClass Hotels included not only event management but also, first assistant tasks to Pascal Marquigny, the CEO. Beyond that, Lena has what it takes to make the Cologne experience for CityClass guests and non guests unique: “I think innovation is extremely important. This is the only way we can continuously improve the stay of our guests. That, with our current schemes and the ones on the pipeline also” In our little chat, she described herself as a “travel & life moments experience facilitator”.  “So I work with brides and carnival revelers and I organize everything from weddings to birthday parties”.  Lena loves these challenges because working with people gives her great pleasure: “I love to travel by myself and know first-hand how important hotel quality is for travelers. I almost feel as if this is a personal quest… To connect people with our Friends of CityClass and future hotels partners is a big part of it ” – 

Lets see the details of the advantages Lena is bringing to Cologne visitors in the next part of this blog.