Excuse me, can you say that again?‘ I heard a friend ask me. It was November 11th and we were on our way to the carnival. When I turned around I saw that she had stopped a few meters behind me and was talking to a man. The conversation seemed to be going more or less well, because a short time later she came up to me with a confused grin: “I have no idea what the Lord wanted. He came out of the bar on the corner and asked me something… but I didn’t understand anything.

I Said pub was a typical Cologne restaurant, which can be found on almost every corner in Cologne: “would say that the man spoke Kölsch and was sure that you would understand him.”

Do you already have experience with Kölsch did? For once, I don’t mean the beer, but the dialect that is spoken by around 250,000 to 750,000 people in and around Cologne. One or the other full-blooded Cologne native would probably scold: “Kölsch it meh as normal a dialect… etc it a lifestyle.(Kölsch is more than a dialect… it’s a way of life.)

Did you know? The love for Kölsch even goes so far that in 1983 the "Akademie för us kölsche Sproch" (Academy for our Cologne language) was founded . Crazy or understandable, what do you think? I go by the Cologne proverb "Jede Jeck is anders" (everyone is different) and I find it particularly likeable. 

Cologne wisdom for a happy life

A native Berliner or a real Bavarian who speaks High German? That doesn’t seem right, does it? The same applies to a cheerful Cologne native who doesn’t speak Kölsch… that’s just irritating.

Do you actually know what a happy Cologne native is? A person who speaks as her mouth has grown, sometimes a bit harsh and yet optimistic, in a good mood and with her heart in the right place. Just like Cologne itself.

By the way, you don’t need a translator. Any local will be happy to switch to High German to be able to converse with you. But if you really want to impress someone, then try one of the following Cologne proverbs:

Ett kütt, wie ett kütt. - Found in most breweries as part of Cologne's constitution. "It comes as it comes." So enjoy the time and don't worry too much about the future.

I'm fine. - If you would like to express your affection for a person from Cologne, then try this variant of "I like you".

Drinks de a met? - Nothing sums up Cologne hospitality so well. Strangers become friends when you say "Have a drink?" invite you to the table.

Don't kiss the hück, kiss the morje. - As is well known, we Cologne residents are rarely stressed. This may also be due to our attitude, which can be described as "if you don't come today, you will come tomorrow".

Learning Kölsch with CityClass Hotels

What is the best way to learn a language? Right, by surrounding yourself with her. The best way to do this is at the Cologne carnival, which, by the way, cannot do without live music. The best that the city has to offer musically can be found on 11.11. on the big stage at Heumarkt. Just a few hundred meters from our CityClass Hotels you can enjoy Cologne entertainment from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Whether it’s the Bläck Fööss, the Höhner or Brings… our carnival songs are intended to encourage singing, swaying and dancing. I would say that nothing is better suited for this than Cologne simplicity and one or the other wisdom that is hidden in the text.

However, tickets for the Heumarkt sell out quickly. So you should plan your trip well in advance or you come to us. Every year on 11.11. there will be a big party at the start of the carnival season in our event location, the Treppchenkeller. Whether friends or family… everyone is welcome to sway with us into the most beautiful time of the year. A DJ, who usually plays at the Trofana Alm in Ischgl, is also there and heats you up with Cologne rhythms. Language learning is guaranteed to work that way.

Whatever you decide, with us you have the perfect starting point for your carnival trip ready. We are centrally located at the Alter Markt… So you are always right in the middle of the Cologne carnival and all the big parties are within walking distance. Best of all: At the end of the day, it’s just a few steps before you can fall into bed after an eventful day.

Now all you have to do is click on “Find Out More” to make your Cologne Carnival dream come true, or contact our team via the live chat at the bottom right to resolve any remaining questions.