It takes an average of three days for most friends who visit me to realize the same thing: “Cologne is somehow small for a big city.“
Even if the right eyebrow of proud city dwellers twitches at such a statement, there is usually no insult behind it. Rather, one admires the density with which one sight follows the next and is amazed at how much one can experience in the center of Cologne.
But no matter how accessible our city is, after a few days in this “small big city“ Losing the motivated walking pace. How wonderful would it be if there was a service that would get you from A to B quickly and at the same time bring you closer to the sights of the city? Quite coincidentally, such a service already exists and is called Ricolonia – On the company’s rickshaws you can explore Cologne without getting out of breath.

From A to B with real locals

I recommend Ricolonia everyone who wants to explore the city comfortably and without much effort. From the cathedral past the chocolate museum to the LANXESS Arena – your driver is also your tour guide and, as a real local, will bring you closer to the city in an authentic way.
In addition to the simple rickshaw ride, a variety of other options are also offered. Whether it’s a classic city tour, a brewery tour or a wedding rickshaw – you can find all the trips on offer here.
By the way: The word hibernation is Ricolonia foreign and this is how you explore Cologne even in the cold season – but with a blanket and mulled wine.
Is the whole thing somehow too comfortable for you? Then just rent a rickshaw and explore the streets of our Rhine metropolis at your own pace and without a driver.

Have a good trip with the Friends of CityClass

For connoisseurs of Friends of CityClass will the trip with Ricolonia even more attractive, because with us you get a 15% discount on the fare.
Simply that way? Yes, just so. We love to share and want to offer you the best experiences in town at great prices. For this reason, together with restaurants, shops and experience providers, we have created the Friends of CityClass brought to life.
So if you stop by our café lounge at Alter Markt 55 before your trip, you can easily get discounts, extras and free items that you can redeem with the respective provider.
Best of all, you don’t have to be a hotel guest to take advantage of the Friends of CityClass get. So don’t hesitate and get to know our offers now by clicking on “Learn more”. If you have any questions, our team is always available by phone and email.