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Eat & Relax...

😋With us, you are in focus!


  • ✔️Freshly-Tapped Kölsch
  • ✔️Breakfast Buffet
  • ✔️Mediteranean Options
  • ✔️Cakes To-Go
  • ✔️Authentic NRW Flavors
  • ✔️Large Drinks Menu
  • ✔️Friendly Atmosphere
  • ✔️Travel-Friendly Staff

Done Day...Chill Time

Wellness & More

How do you like to finish your day? Sink into warmth and let the city lights fade away… Our Caprice am Dom spa lets all CityClass guests unwind.


  1. ✔️Open To All Hotels
  2. ✔️ Sauna
  3. ✔️Steam Room
  4. ✔️Claudius Therme Discount – 20%
  5. ✔️Private Relaxation Rooms

Our Classy Friend...

Friends Of CityClass

✈️We get it. Travel is normally go, go, go… But why shouldn’t tours to Europe have a little downtime?


With our special CityClass Hotels & Claudius Therme friendship, the benefits extend to you who is most important to us!


  • ✔️Bath
  • ✔️Sauna

Be a local

Socialize like a true Kölner

Noch ein Schwarzriesling, bitteSoak up the rich atmosphere of our Café lounge to the sound of softly clinking glasses. Get struck by inspiration over a succulent fruit bowl or warm croissant. Start plotting your next metropolitan sojourn while we pour you fresh coffee. It’s all here…