Your furniture have a secret? A history that you know nothing about and will never know? It seems to me that both my bedside lamp and my chaise longue are hiding something from me. Slight quirks in the wood and scratches on the lampshade.
What reads like the introduction to the latest Tatort episode shows me that I haven’t been to a flea market for a long time. After all, the stories of our purchases make up a large part of the experience.

Wondering what a flea market is? I’ll explain. On fixed dates, both private sellers and professional traders gather in a square or hall to sell goods. These are mostly used and sold at a bargain price. You might be frowning and wondering who would voluntarily buy used stuff… but used doesn’t mean broken or bad in this case. Most sellers simply have no use for the goods and will find a new home for them instead of throwing them away.

Our favorite flea markets for unique shopping experiences

Flea markets are very popular in Cologne. No wonder, because you can find everything from furniture to children’s toys to rare vinyl records. And if there’s nothing to be found at a flea market, you can be sure that the next one is just around the corner.

Tip: Even if haggling doesn’t play a role in German retail, it’s still worth bargaining at flea markets. You can often save a few euros that way.

Are you already wondering how you’re going to get that French sofa in your suitcase? Do not worry! Our flea markets are worth a visit even if you don’t buy anything. You can enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the excellent food. A live band also plays at many flea markets.

To make your choice easier, I have selected a few exciting flea markets for you.

COLOGNE OLD TOWN – The first flea market I’ve ever visited is in our old town. From the Hohenzollern Bridge to the Bastei, you will find lots of exciting stands along the Rhine promenade. However, new goods are prohibited. A perfect flea market, then, for those of you who have a lust for antiques. From March to October the market usually takes place once or twice a month for a whole weekend from 11am to 6pm.

– NIGHT CONSUMPTION – I have wonderful memories of this flea market. As the name suggests, it takes place in the late hours of the day from 5pm to 10:45pm. This gives the shopping a completely different atmosphere. You can also find everything here… from exciting vintage clothes to rare vinyl records. The food is also incredibly good and particularly interesting for vegans. Current dates can be found here.

– GIRLS FLEA MARKET – My sisters rave about the girls flea market, which takes place once or twice a month. It is by women for women and is especially recommended if you are looking for clothes. The offer is aimed at a younger crowd, but according to my sisters, anyone who browses can find something here. There is enough time, because the whole thing takes place on the here from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

– BOOK COLLECTORS AND FLEA MARKET – The flea market in Riehl has a French touch. Along an avenue you will find 150 exhibitors between the trees offering lots of exciting junk and the books that give the shop its name. I’ve dug up a few antiquarian gems myself. Try your luck yourself. The market takes place from April to November on one Sunday of the month from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

With this selection of flea markets you are well advised and will certainly be able to make some bargains. Maybe you are also looking for a vintage suitcase that will fit all your achievements? If you are already planning your visit to the flea market with excitement, then I recommend that you start with us in the hotels. So you can easily reach every junk shop, even within walking distance in the old town. So feel free to click “Learn More” to make your vintage shopping dreams come true.