In my last blog I introduced you to Lena. She is our event manager and right hand of the CEO Pascal Marquigny.

Today I would like to tell you more about how Lena is driving CityClass Hotels forward. “I consider innovations to be essential in order to continuously improve the stay of our guests,” she confides to me in our conversation. “For me, one of the most important innovations is the Friends of CityClass program. As a small, local hotel chain, it is important to us that travelers, whether hotel guests or not, get to know our beloved Cologne as authentically as possible. Because in the end, the Cologne wisdom remains : Kölle is a jeföhl (Cologne is a feeling). It would be more than a pity if they came all the way without feeling it.” And what’s the best way? “The goal is to make the best experiences in Cologne easily and cheaply accessible to our guests,” explains Lena. That’s why we have teamed up with restaurants, shops and other companies and launched a discount program: “This is how we offer our guests the highest added value and a valuable tool that saves them having to wander through the city at random”, grins Lena. As travel fans, we both agree: such partnerships are worth their weight in gold.

Friends of CityClass for everyone!

Friends Of CityClass vouchers are available in our café lounge at Alter Markt 55, which is also managed by Lena. She also wants me to mention one thing: “We love giving and providing people with unique experiences, so it was important to us that the Friends of CityClass be available to everyone. So it doesn’t matter whether you stay in one of our hotels or find out about it in passing: everyone has the chance to benefit.”

I took a look at the Friends of CityClass and I’m thrilled. There is something for everyone and even I, as a native of Cologne, have discovered something new: black light mini golf, where you play with 3D glasses in fluorescently painted rooms. The Claudius Therme is also there and is always worth a visit to bathe in a Roman ambience (and with a view of the cathedral!). The treatments at the Guinot Institute are also exciting. Let’s be honest: After years of the pandemic, we deserve every facial and massage that comes our way.

Lena and the rest of our team have really put together an extensive range. Eating, shopping and experiences: everything is included. I’m already looking forward to finding out which of our Friends of CityClass you liked the most.

If you want to learn more about the Friends of CityClass, click the button or contact us via our live chat at the bottom. We are happy to hear from them!