Zebra, unicorn & co. – dressing up for carnival

Zebra, unicorn & co. – dressing up for carnival

Published January 31, 2023 in Uncategorized
Written by Pascal Marquigny

Do you know the most important question so shortly before 11.11.? Right… the costume question. Okay, I admit that not everyone is equally concerned with this topic. But I and many others do.

Do you actually know why people dress up? Nowadays, one of the few practical features is that your boss does not recognize you. Dressing up originally comes from the Roman Empire and even then people dressed up to break up the power relations between rulers and subjects on certain occasions and to take part in festivities together.

Another origin lies in the Germanic language. With grotesque and spooky costumes, people wanted to drive away the spirits of the cold season and celebrate the arrival of spring.

Hardly anyone knows about this today and yet disguises are enormously popular. You can give free rein to your creativity, because there are no rules.

Spoilt for choice

Do you still need inspiration? If you don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort, simply dress up in a single color. Whether bright red or neon green… then just paint the face in the same color and you’re ready to go. Animals are also popular and particularly suitable if you are out and about with your family at carnival. Your little ones not only look cute as zebras or lions, but are also easy to spot in the crowds.

Tip: Deiters is a specialist store for disguises of all kinds, not far from our hotels and also available online. Here you can really find EVERYTHING, including animal full-body suits that will transform you into a frog or a zebra in no time at all.

There are also no limits when it comes to group costumes. My friends and I have been scouts, professional footballers, unicorns and jungle camp participants. Others are much more creative.

Tip: From my own experience, I know that only two to three people should take over the organization and that a simple costume idea is preferable. Anything else will lead to regular discussions and friends leaving the group chat in a huff.

So now you’re in costume and now what? Off to the carnival! The whole city is open to you. All major celebrations are within easy reach of our hotels. The heart of the carnival, the stage at Heumarkt, is only a short walk away through the old town. In any case, the old town is a good place to ring in carnival. At every corner you have the opportunity to get carried away by the colorful hustle and bustle.

Of course, our own party in the Treppchen-Keller will also be there again. Whether it’s the first shot on the house or a DJ from Ischgl… we have everything you need for carnival. Our regular guests, who have always loved to celebrate with us, agree.

If you are on 11.11. so if you don’t have any plans yet, make sure you register for our party! Admission is free, so you can sway, sing and dance with us into the best time of the year.


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