TimeRide – And time travel does exist!

TimeRide – And time travel does exist!

Published January 31, 2023 in Uncategorized
Written by Pascal Marquigny

Even though it was a while ago, I still remember well how I had to suppress the strong urge to yawn every history lesson. But some people are also incredibly talented at communicating the topic in such a boring way. I was all the more interested when I realized that history could also be discovered in other places. Whether it’s Egyptian exhibitions, medieval markets or museums – I still like to take it all in today.

Do you also have an interest in history? Besides food, shopping, leisure activities… and more food, a trip into the past of a place can be incredibly enriching and fun.

New technological possibilities also offer new interactive ways to bring a bygone era to life in an unimaginably realistic and immersive way.

History can also be exciting!

One of these attractions is TimeRide. With the help of VR glasses, you travel back to Cologne in 1926, when the euphoria of the Weimar Republic dominated the city before it was bombed during the Second World War.

If you’re wondering what VR glasses are, I can only explain it to you in layman’s terms. The abbreviation “VR” stands for virtual reality, i.e. an artificially created world into which you can immerse yourself with the help of these glasses. But instead of looking head-on at a computer screen, you stand in the middle of the simulation, can look around 360° and interact with your environment.

Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of the experience. It is an incredibly lively way of discovering history that captivates young and old alike. I would go so far as to say that nothing comes close to time travel at the present time.

What exactly do you experience? In the movie theater, a short film in the style of the 1920s gives you an understanding of the historical development. A time when cinemas were transformed into huge movie palaces and became part of everyday life. In the Riedschneider family’s millinery store, on the other hand, you will learn all about the fashion of the time, with a special focus on the popular headgear. The highlight is the aforementioned VR ride on Cologne’s first electric streetcar. Experience famous landmarks as you have never seen them before and discover places that no longer exist. Life in 1926 is close enough to touch.

Like most of my Monday shows, TimeRide is also part of the Friends of CityClass.

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We believe that everyone who comes to Cologne deserves the best experiences and adventures the city has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you are our hotel guest or not. With the help of our Friends of CityClass, we make exactly that possible. The discount program was developed together with various stores, restaurants and experience providers and offers you the best of the city at fantastic conditions. At TimeRide, for example, you get 10% off the ticket price. But that is by no means all. Find out more about the program and all our exciting offers here.

The offers are available in our café lounge at Alter Markt 55. Pay us a visit with a delicious cappuccino and then discover the city with the Friends of CityClass by your side.

If you are now curious and want to plan a trip to Cologne right away, click on “Learn more” to get to know us and our hotels better. If you have any questions, our team is also available by phone or e-mail at any time.


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