Kölle Alaaf – Carnival with CityClass Hotels

Kölle Alaaf – Carnival with CityClass Hotels

Published January 31, 2023 in Uncategorized
Written by Pascal Marquigny

I have the €1 million question for you. What gives us Cologne residents less pleasure?

a) Rush hour traffic on the Zoobrücke bridge b) Carnival in Düsseldorf

That’s right, carnival in Düsseldorf. Everyone who grows up in and around Cologne absorbs this with their mother’s milk. But all kidding aside. The carnivals in November and February are the highlights of the year for many of us. Not for nothing is carnival also called the 5th season.

As children, we grow up with the mistaken belief that everyone knows Fastelovend, as carnival is called in Kölsch, and celebrates just as passionately. But not true. I mean… sure, everyone knows about Mardi Gras in Rio or has heard of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But in Germany, the custom is only really celebrated in the Rhineland. The best-known strongholds are Cologne, Mainz… and Düsseldorf. You already realize… you can’t deny a certain rivalry between the Cologne and Düsseldorf carnivals.

Fastelovend since 1341

As a child, it was not always clear to me what was actually being celebrated. In the meantime, I know that the word Fastelovend was first mentioned in the oath book of the city of Cologne as early as 1341. Already at that time one rang in so festively the beginning of the 40-day Lent before Easter. And that from Weiberfastnacht, always a Thursday, until Ash Wednesday. In the meantime, however, the carnival season already begins on November 11 at 11:11 am. We have the Prussians to thank for this, who thought it was necessary to include the Lenten period before January 6 in the custom.

Carnival has probably changed less after it almost died out for a short time in the Middle Ages. As early as 1353, there was a first ban on serving beer and wine. So even back then, some people drank more than was actually good for them. So much for my grandma’s criticism of young people: “We used to be able to have fun without alcohol.” Everyone enjoys a Kölsch or two from time to time.

Moreover, drinking and celebrating together is only part of the whole. Anyway, for us Cologne residents who are not part of a carnival society, after 11.11., the carnival is over. first of all rest again until February. Only then is it a week long again: Carnival sessions with singing and Cologne comedians, street parades in all Veedeln… that’s how the districts of Cologne are called… and lots of big and small parties all over the city. Oh, very important: don’t forget the costume.

The 11.11. with CityClass Hotels – Wat ne superjeile Zick!

Any plans for November 11? If not, then come to our party location, the Treppchenkeller. One of our famous carnival parties is held there every year. We from CityClass are also always there and experience the most colorful time of the year with our guests. After all, as a local hotel chain, we naturally have Fastelovend in our blood. A DJ from the Trofana Alm in Ischgl, and friend of our event manager Lena, will make sure that everyone becomes a Cologne cheerful person with the best carnival hits. Perhaps you will soon be one of them?

Or would you rather celebrate the kick-off in the open air? Then come to the champagne breakfast in our café lounge at Alter Markt… because that belongs on 11.11. simply to it. After that, you do not have to go far at all. Once out the door and 100 m in the direction of Neumarkt, you are already standing at Cologne’s largest open-air carnival stage. If you’ve ever wanted to see the greats of the carnival hit live, then you’ve come to the right place.

Anyway, the location of our hotels is perfect for getting into costume and drifting right into the carnival with just one step outside the front door. On every corner you will find parties, groups with whom you can chat and enjoy a beer or two and good mood.

Are you itching to book your trip to Cologne for 11.11 and you can hardly wait? Then click on “Learn more” or use the live chat at the side of the screen. Our employees are happy to share their knowledge about Fastelovend with you.


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