Alter Markt – Discover the coziness of Cologne

Alter Markt – Discover the coziness of Cologne

Published January 31, 2023 in Uncategorized
Written by Pascal Marquigny

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cologne?

Most people would answer something like “vibrant city”. That’s true, but it’s only part of what makes Cologne what it is. The famous Cologne feeling is often hidden away from the hustle and bustle in quiet corners of the city.

I prefer to explore these corners with Tom. Do you remember my friend the historian? He has already told you a lot about Cologne’s Roman past. But today we only have an appointment for a coffee in the café lounge of the Caprice am Dom, one of the CityClass hotels. The lounge should look familiar to you, as this is the same lounge where you receive all the benefits of Friends of CityClass. Have you tried them in the meantime? No? Well then, let’s get going, I would say. But back to Tom:

I’ve been here so many times now and yet I always get the same feeling. Take a look around. The colorful brick houses, the bumpy cobblestones… You feel like you’ve traveled hundreds of years back in time. In the district around the Alter Markt, you really notice how old Cologne really is. I also believe that the square hasn’t changed much over the decades. At least there was already a carnival song “Die Hüsjer bunt om Aldermaat” in 1938, which in High German means the colorful little houses on the Alter Markt… could also have been written more recently.

That’s almost 90 years… I’d love to see a photo from that time. But at least the stores have changed somewhat.

H2: Cologne culture at any time of year

Your guests really hit the jackpot with the location. Step out of the door and you’re right in Cologne’s historic quarter. But it’s not just the ambience that is totally special, you have traditional breweries, small boutiques and souvenir stores, but also modern restaurants…

…yes, that’s right,” I interrupt Tom, “for example Kitti Chai, they also take part in the Friends of CityClass. But you’re right, there really is everything here. I also sometimes like to sit on the fountain in the middle of the square and look at all the people. Because there is something for everyone here, you also meet a wide variety of people.

Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city or the urban coziness?

Think about it… you walk through the medieval alleyways and in no time at all you’re at the Rhine and treat yourself to a Kölsch beer in a historic setting. On the other hand, just a few streets above the hotels, the shopping madness rages from the cathedral to Neumarkt.

Do you even have to choose one? No! I like both and Tom made me realize once again how authentically Cologne combines these opposites.

I like it here even better than in summer when there is a Christmas market. The little wooden stalls, the smell of pine needles and roasted almonds… although Cologne can be very hectic, in December everyone comes together to drink mulled wine and look forward to Christmas with friends and family.

Tom grins: “If we’re honest, there’s a reason to come here at any time of year. In February and November, it is the carnival stage that is set up one square away on the Heumarkt. In June it’s Christopher Street Day… and so it goes on throughout the year. There’s always something going on and if there’s a big party in Cologne, it’s here.

He’s right about that. The likelihood that you will experience an event on the Alter Markt or Heumarkt during your trip to Cologne is very high.

If you are now curious about the atmosphere in the historic center of Cologne or one of the events… then click on “Learn more” and book your trip to Cologne or contact our team via the live chat in real time.


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