I spent a large part of my youth in the country and loved it. But do you know what was missing? restaurants.
I mean, there was the classic Italian and a steakhouse. The obligatory brewery was not far either. But there wasn’t much more choice.
Cologne, on the other hand, makes my culinary heart beat faster. There are also Italian restaurants and 1a steakhouses like The Ash. It’s even part of the Friends of CityClass. This means for you: After an excellent steak you get a piece of American cheesecake for free.

In addition, Cologne offers so much more!

Kitti Chai – Thai flavors in the heart of Cologne

I love all kinds of Asian cuisine… from Pakistani to Indonesian. Preferably as authentic and therefore as spicy as possible. That’s not for everyone though, and maybe yours isn’t either. All the better that there are shops like Kitti Chai. Here the aroma of Thailand meets European taste buds. I think that’s great because the days are numbered when my friends or family can ignore my meal suggestions.

I mean, I understand an aversion to spiciness…that’s how I feel about salty foods. But Kitti Chai has everything from sweet curries to fiery, hot udon noodles. So everyone gets their money’s worth.

For you, the whole thing has even more advantages. On the one hand there is the proximity to our hotels. Kitti Chai has three different locations in Cologne and the one at Alter Markt can be reached on foot in just a few minutes. In addition, you will receive a 20% discount on your order with the Friends of CityClass.

You don’t know the Friends of CityClass yet? This is the name of our discount program that we have created in cooperation with various restaurants, shops and events. This gives you a variety of discounts for the best experiences in town. By the way, the offer is not limited to our hotel guests. We love to share and so everyone who comes to our café lounge at Alter Markt 55 discovers the city with our Friends of CityClass.

The question of all questions: Do I tip in Germany?

Do you have any experience of traveling abroad? Then you probably know yourself that despite all the preparation, there are things that suddenly and unexpectedly surprise you. For me it’s the tipping culture of other countries. Do I give some or not and how much is actually appropriate?
Is there a tip in Germany?: Yes, there is a tip in Germany. We give this to the waiters with the bill. However, since it is not already included in the invoice amount, you have to decide for yourself how many euros you pay additionally.

What amount of tip is reasonable?: According to the norm, 10% of the bill is considered reasonable. With a sum of several 100 € even 5%. So if you want, you can stick to this recommendation. In my environment, however, I experience this rule of thumb mostly only being used at larger business dinners or family gatherings. In smaller groups or when you meet spontaneously for coffee and cake, the tip varies more. The quality of the service also plays a role here. If everything went well and the food tasted good, several euros are absolutely not wrong. But I also know people who don’t tip at all if they’re not satisfied. Everyone has to decide for themselves. But I don’t think tipping is ever appropriate unless the server is intentionally setting your hair on fire.

But there is one thing that German waiters really resent: rounding up a few cents.several of my acquaintances who work in service have to say about it:

“If someone tips 20 or 30 cents to round up from €19.80 to €20, then he or she shouldn’t tip at all. Because most of us see that as an enormous insult, after all, the tip often reflects what our customers think about our performance. 20 cents don’t seem particularly satisfied”.

You can see that tipping in Germany is very flexible and also depends on your preferences. Should you feel insecure and not staying in Germany long enough to get a feel for our tipping culture, it is best to stick to giving 10% of the bill.
If you’re already excited about the culinary treasures of Cologne and can’t wait to tip our waiters, then click on “Learn More” now. Or contact our team via the live chat below right to resolve any remaining questions.