When you’re in your best friend’s armsIt’s My Life“ and a little later a fellow student not a single note of “My Heart Will Go On’, then you’ve most likely ended up at karaoke.
Whether it’s a family trip or a meeting with friends – nothing brings people closer together than turning their favorite songs into hara-kiri. And let’s face it, even the most ambitious singers among us understand that karaoke is about having fun, not winning.

Of course, like any good big city, Cologne also has a few karaoke bars where you can turn night into day or sing along with your children.

The ABC of Cologne Karaoke

Jameson Irish Pub: Are you traveling to Cologne with your friends or would you like to spend an evening with your partner in the bars? Then I recommend that to you Jameson Irish Pub. Cologne’s biggest karaoke event takes place here on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And nothing is as fun as stepping onto the stage in the main hall after a few drinks and singing your favorite song. Singing along is also allowed. And don’t worry: passion counts. If you don’t hit a sound at all, don’t expect to be hit by flying tomatoes. However, the whole thing is not for families with children.

Asia house at Rheinauhafen: Tired of strangers watching you sing? Then come to Deutz ins Asia Haus am Rheinauhaufen, right across from the Chocolate Museum. If the weather is good, you can easily walk there from our hotels.
In private rooms, you and your family sing all to yourself. Even better: Food is provided. I particularly remember a friend’s birthday and a never-ending stream of Chinese finger food finding its way into our karaoke room. If you don’t feel like it, you can eat in the adjoining restaurant beforehand. Rarely does a full mouth and singing with passion go so well together.

MUSEUM: In the pub “MUSEUM“ you will find the finest party karaoke where you can choose from over 32,000 titles. As in the Irish Pub, you will end up on a waiting list after registering and will soon delight the audience. Even from Wednesday to Saturday, if you like.
A tip from the pub team themselves: to get in as often as possible and if big crowds aren’t your thing, you should stop by on Wednesdays. The crowd is much smaller there.

Which type of karaoke you choose depends entirely on your preferences. However, one thing is the same everywhere: fun comes first. So don’t let your desire for perfection stop you from enjoying an unforgettable evening of fun and off-key tones.
By the way, you can find more tips for your Cologne holiday by clicking on “Learn more”. If you have any questions, our team is always available by phone or email.