“Nah, wat wor dat then froher en superjeile Zick” (What a great time it used to be) sing the guys from Brings in their carnival anthem Superjeilezick. This sentence should also describe the feeling with which we thought back to carnival as we know it during the pandemic. But enough of the nostalgia, because the fifth season is back and it’s time for new memories. And what’s the best way to do it? With music, because that also plays a major role during the carnival season. Whether it’s well-known anthems or new catchy tunes…. whether you dance extensively, sway arm in arm or simply go into town for a Kölsch beer… the soundtrack of the carnival resounds on 11.11. through every nook and cranny of the city.
And of course we from the CityClass Hotels are also there. High time to show you where you can experience the best sounds in town with us.

The best parties for your musical pleasure

While the whole of Cologne is on its feet early in the morning to get somewhere around 11.11 a.m. despite barriers and overcrowded trams, you sleep in. Our hotels are in fact very close to all the important hotspots. So set off shortly after visiting our breakfast buffet and walk over the cobblestone streets of the old town in the direction of the Cologne carnival. And there’s a lot going on. Have you decided to party yet?

CARNIVAL AT HEUMARKT: The stage at Heumarkt is only a stone’s throw away from our Hotel Caprice am Dom and is the beating heart of Cologne’s carnival. Whether the triumvirate or musical legends… they all come together here. Celebrate, dance, sway and sing here with the whole of Cologne from 7.30 a.m. until late at night. IMPORTANT: The tickets are sold out quickly due to increased demand. So you should plan your carnival trip to Cologne early and book.

BREWERIES: If you are not interested in the big stages at carnival, you can also let yourself be carried through the alleys of the old town. Then make sure to stop at one of our breweries. At carnival, they exude the Cologne attitude to life more than ever. Whether songs that celebrate life or strangers who become friends for a day while swaying together. This is carnival too.

TREPPCHEN-KELLER: Don’t feel like being outside and the crowd? After a short break, the carnival party returns this year in our podium basement. It has been popular with our team and our regular guests for many years. In an intimate atmosphere, they celebrate “life, love and desire.” Do you know who sang that? It doesn’t matter, because you don’t have to do without the hymns of the carnival here either. Our DJ will entertain you all day long with Cologne rhythms, so you’ll get to know every performer in no time and you’ll soon be singing along.

But at some point even the best party got bogged down… it’s good that you’re celebrating carnival with us. Instead of starting a long journey home, let yourself fall happily into bed with the sounds of carnival in your ears after a short hike. Incidentally, this also applies to the stage at Heumarkt or the breweries in the old town, all of which can be reached on foot from our hotels.

For everyone who is already excited and wants to sing themselves in the mood or for all those who don’t really know what carnival music is: here, here and Here I have selected playlists from the most common music providers. Now it’s time to put on your headphones or turn on your speakers so you can warm up while you book your ideal room with us.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, or click on “Learn more” to discover more tips and tricks about Cologne Carnival.