Despite all our progress as a species, there is one thing that we cannot (yet) control in the 21st century: the weather.
However, gray clouds and constant showers do not mean that your holiday has to fall through. Quite the contrary: This is the perfect opportunity to get cozy with friends and family in a café. Shopping is also the ideal distraction from the less than ideal weather. And to make sure it doesn’t rain on your coffee or hail in the changing room, it’s off to my favorite district of Kalk to the Cologne arcades, one of the most famous shopping malls in the city.
Simply take trams 1 (Bensberg) or 9 (Königsforst) from the Heumarkt station, which is within walking distance, to Kalk Post. The entrance to the arcades is literally just two meters from the train’s escalators.

A shopping mall for all occasions

In the arcades you have three floors at your disposal to let off steam in the dry. Here you will not only meet the usual suspects, but also discover one or two special features that are not found elsewhere in Cologne.
I recommend it to anyone who loves fashion Monk. The Swedish fashion brand and their designs have saved my day and mood more than once.
The food court is on the ground floor. There are no quarrels about the food here, because when in doubt, everyone gets what they want and then eat together on the seats that are distributed all over the place. They also offer otherwise arcades everything you would expect from a good shopping mall.

By the way: If the rain should let up or you end up in Kalk when the weather is good, then the Veedel, as we call our quarters, is definitely worth a detour. Turkish delicacies, the Sünner brewery and more – perfect for a few hours of discovery. You can find tips for your trip here here.
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