Malicious tongues claim that German food is very similar to the color beige. Nice to look at, but something is missing. All the better that Cologne is a Mecca for all those of you whose craving for international food cultures can never be satisfied.
Fancy eating with your fingers? On to the Ethiopian. Can you eat a lot of garlic for dinner? Off to the Indian. Whatever you’re hungry for – Cologne has it.

I would particularly like to recommend Korean cuisine to you. For me, nothing rounds off an evening with friends and family in the cathedral city better.
Korean… what does that even mean? In Cologne you will find South Korean cuisine in many different forms. From finger food for on the go to elaborately staged barbecues at the table. Which food you choose is entirely up to you.

For a quick hunger

Bibimbab at Zülpicher Platz is perfect if you want a quick bite to eat on your way to the next activity. The snack bar offers dumplings with vegetarian or meat fillings, spicy soups and stews, and rice dishes. Above all, the eponymous bibimbap. What is leftovers in Korea is one of the most popular Korean dishes worldwide. However, I could not find out why the restaurant name and the spelling of the dish differ.
In any case, all sorts of vegetables and meat are draped with rice in a stone bowl. Gochujang, a chilli paste and a fried egg bring flavor power. Stir quickly and the perfect lunch is ready.
So if you’re about to find yourself wandering around hungry from one sight to the next, make a stop at Bibimbab and recharge your dead batteries. The menu you can here

Modern, delicious, Korean Would

you rather end your evening in a relaxed atmosphere? Then off you go Gogi Matcha. Not only is this my favorite restaurant, many of my Korean friends also enjoy eating here. A good sign that the modern ambience is convincing.
The menu is very extensive and offers all the great classics of Korean cuisine. My favorites are the bulgogi and the pork belly. The former is beef or pork marinated in a sweet marinade and cut into small strips. Vegetarians will also find what they are looking for. How about stuffed dumplings for a starter? And then a kimchi tofu stew or kimmali bokkeum for the main course? The fried seaweed rolls with glass noodles and vegetables are really incredibly tasty.
My tip: As is usual in many Asian countries, it is worth ordering several dishes in the middle of the table. Sharing gives you a chance to try many different dishes. In addition, the selection of culinary highlights is simply too large to commit to just one.
By the way, you should reserve in the evening. The shop is no longer an insider tip, but well-known throughout the city. If no table is free, feel free to try the lunch menu. The menu is a bit smaller, but the food is at least as tasty.

Dining out with a difference

Bulgogi, as mentioned above, was my first encounter with Korean cuisine. So it’s hardly surprising that a restaurant called Bulgogi House immediately catches my attention, isn’t it?

Most of you probably know what going to a restaurant is like. At least until you’ve eaten here. Because in Bulgogi house you prepare your food yourself at the table. At least halfway. I’m talking about the Korean table grill, of course. Extremely popular in Asia, word of it is slow to get around in Europe.
For one or the other, it may seem strange at first to prepare your meat on a griddle set into the table. But for me it’s one of my favorite ways to spend time with friends and family.
Curious about how it all works? You pay a one-time fee of €30.90 (children under 10: €14.90) and receive the much-mentioned dumplings, also known as mandu, as a starter. Then the actual meal begins and the charcoal grill is lit. In several stages you will get bulgogi, ssam gyup sal (a type of pork), beef, squid and shrimp. Barbecuing together is a lot of fun and connects. There is also a buffet of other Korean dishes (glass noodle salad, Korean sushi, kimchi pancakes and much more) that you can help yourself to as often as you like.

As you can see, Cologne is the perfect place if you’ve always wanted to try Korean cuisine or are already a big fan. Due to the multitude of possibilities, everyone will find exactly what they are hungry and in the mood for. I am also hungry for this text and am planning my next trip to the Bulgogi House.
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